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Kymee is the marketplace of young French creation.
We go out to meet new designers and are proud to be able to help them develop and support them by offering them to put their creations at lower cost via our marketplace.
Kymee is THE marketplace of reference for the younger generation and brings together creators who will become the emblematic figures of the fashion of tomorrow.
It is a living platform, a real springboard for these young talents in search of notoriety.

mutual aid

Help young designers to develop, support them by offering them to promote their creations at a lower cost.

French passion

To perpetuate the French know-how through young artists

A new vision

of fashion

Kymee wants you to discover the French know-how through our creators, young artists or confirmed, owning their workshops in France or in Europe. Every week, we make you discover their worlds, their stories, their know-how … through our social networks and our articles.


Kymee’s ambition is to create one of the largest creative communities in order to organize, on a larger scale, more events (parades, competitions, workshops, etc.) with the aim of sharing, helping each other in this out-of-the-ordinary environment. common …

Associating creators from all horizons to offer a wide choice of creations, and different universes, such is the mission that Kymee has given itself.